Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Chapter 2

Sweden's ladies won their last round robin game tonight when they beat Japan by 11-4 with the help of a 7 in the 6th end. This means that they finish top of their section with an undefeated record. In a surprise result, Wendy Becker's New Zealand ladies defeated Switzerland and so they are now in second place with 4 wins while Switzerland and the Czech Republic have 3 wins each. The last two play each other tomorrow and so the winner of that game will have to hope that New Zealand lose to Japan to give them a chance of qualifying via a tie-breaker.

In men's play Australia went to the top of their group by defeating Sweden and have got one game left against Norway. A win for Norway and a win for Sweden against Denmark would leave all 3 teams tied on 6 points with DSC scores deciding the ranking.

Note that the men's championship has a quarter-final stage while the women go straight to semi-finals.

So the umpires will be keeping their fingers crossed for at least some of the qualification issues to be resolved without the need for tie-breakers!!

Re James' comments to the last blog I will try and confirm what happened in Winnipeg in 2003.Certainly the Championships were held in two clubs - one for the men and one for the women but there were only 15 men's teams and I cannot imagine that there would have been time issues. 


  1. Hey Toothy,
    How do the playoffs work for men with ties?
    Where can we see the DSC results?

    1. All will be revealed shortly once I have worked it all out!!