Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Will they ever win one??

A perplexing title perhaps but see if you can guess who we are talking about here.

They entered this competition in 2003 and have played 52 games since then without winning one. They have lost 13 of those games without scoring a shot and have a total shots aggregate of 83 for and 734 against. This year for the first time they scored more than 4 shots in a game in what was probably their best year to date as they scored 19 shots over 8 games and scored in every one of them. There is a job out there for somebody to go and coach this team because they keep coming back for more and if they are that keen we need to help them improve.

Their male equivalent entered the competition in 2003 and won their first game - but have not won any since - that is 58 successive losses but they have come much closer to that elusive win having lost one of those games at an extra end and a few others by just one shot.

You have to admire the way in which these teams keep returning to participate in the World B (2002-2004) / Pacific Asia Junior Championships (2005 onwards) - we are of course talking about Team Australia - we salute you for your perseverance and just wish we could get down under to help you out and find you decent curling ice to play on.

Is there a volunteer out there who fancies a winter in Australia? I am sure the Australian Curling Association would love to hear from you.

Oh and the identity of the team which the Australian boys beat in that first game - that would be Team Wales!!


  1. If only Ricky Tasker had moved to Australia when he was still a Junior.

  2. There's a 3rd problem also John - distance.

    On the mens team three are from Brisbane, the 4th Melbourne and the 5th albeit from Gold Coast is currently studying in the US.

    On the girls team four are from Brisbane and the 5th Canberra.

    It's 750 miles between Brisbane & Canberra, and over 1000 to Melbourne.

    Brisbane have just started with have a go sessions on hockey ice, whilst Melbourne has a regular hockey ice night.