Sunday, September 30, 2012

And off we go again

As September comes to an end, then the new curling season must be beginning - and so a welcome back to all my readers and I hope I can maintain your interest over the next 8 months as I travel the world of curling, or indeed just travel the World. This will just be a short introduction - a kind of an opening bonspiel type of posting just to get your muscles back in shape and let yourself see what kind of a season you might have ahead of you. Cannot have you straining those hamstrings too soon.

Already however the first International competition has begun in Turkey - the European Mixed Championships - link is here and all the home countries except Wales are represented. The English team this year is skipped by Bryan Zacahary and is a mixture of youth and experience with Bryan being joined by Kerr Alexander (inevitably it seems called Alexander Kerr by the organisers on the website - they must have thought I got muddled up when I sent the team names in!!) and Ken Maxwell plus three of our junior girls - Lauren Pearce, Angharad Ward and Naomi Robinson.

The good news is that they won their first game against the Neelemans of the Netherlands by 7-3.

We can also claim an interest in the Scotland team as lead, Karen Barthelemy (ex - Strang) is a regular player down at Fenton's as she works in London.

More results will appear in this blog and also check out the ECA Facebook page (our website is currently being updated you will be glad to hear) while for more news you should catch Louise Kerr's blog on the Irish CA's website here